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Frederick Vobbe 1/5/2011 (Employee): I came to WLIO June 20, 1985, and replaced Morrie Lamb as Chief Engineer. When I started the station had an RCA TTU30C for a main, and the 1 kilowatt GE was still in operation as a backup. The station had a GE TY24 plyon antenna, which was in sad shape, and in early 1986 we replaced it with a RCA TFU30J. I'll always remember the telethon of 1986. Telethon was a week of preparing, 12 hours of set up, 8 hours of show, then tear down, followed by 12 hours of sleep. On this telethon, I got home at 4AM only to be woke at 5AM by my wife telling me our first child was on their way. Three days later I got home and got some sleep. In 1988 I converted the station to stereo, and we all know what happened in 2009 with the end of analog and the consolidation of four stations. There are some great videos on the WLIO Engineering web page. Click on "Tour" at the bottom. So what is your memory of WLIO? Please submit a story and tell us.

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If you have any pictures, stories, newspaper clippings, or perhaps recorded media, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us with your information and documentation. Anything you give us will be copied to the web site and returned to you. Will will assume you want credit for providing the information unless otherwise requested. Click the Submit Story link below if you have a memory you would like to share. All submission are reviewed, and may be edited or corrected for spelling or gammer.